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Clear, essential, simple and effective: Layoutweb knows the secret of true communication

Our story began in 1983, when Layout Advertising Group saw the light as a graphic design agency. The Internet was still far off, but it took very little time to sense the Web's potential and choose to invest in what would very soon become the undisputed main forms of communication.

The year 1997 saw the birth of Layoutweb – the digital branch of the agency – which right from the start dedicated itself to the creation of websites. It quickly began to increase its range of services to keep pace with the evolution of the network, to end up as an all-round Web agency.

Behind every service, from site design to web marketing and search engine placement, are the unmistakable fingerprints of the Layoutweb team. Clarity and simplicity are the values that underpin all our work and help us create and implement successful multimedia projects.


Partners and consultants, we work by your side every day.

Today Layoutweb is the perfect partner to help you develop effective digital communication, with results you have only imagined so far.

We are not suppliers,we are consultants. We work closely with you every day to help you optimize your resources and achieve your goals. The Layoutweb team method gives you the confidence to pluck the best fruits the Web has to offer one after another.

Analysis, strategy, design, and creativity are at the heart of all of our projects. Starting with a brilliant concept based on a shared vision, our computer experts, graphic designers, creatives and account managers will develop a bespoke communication project that has both style and substance.
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