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Conversational marketing

Web public relations and an online press office are just two of the services Layoutweb offers its customers with the aim of more targeted and efficient communication.

After a painstaking, wide-ranging analysis of the Web, we select sites on which to publish press releases to promote a brand or enhance a company's image.
Press releases are arrows that head straight for the target in order to publicize a company to navigators of the Web through the pages of leading online publications.

Article Marketing also plays a decisive role in increasing the site's link popularity, creating an extensive network of contacts, and increasing the number of visitors by accompanying the press release or news with links to the site for further information.

Forums, blogs and communities make the Web fertile ground for viral marketing. Just like a "virus", this form of unconventional marketing exploits the speed with which information spreads across the Web and spurs navigators to exchange contents and images.
Viral marketing strategically uses word of mouth to spread a message or contents online, at times managing to reach millions of users. In Seeding a "viral object", often a video, is posted on social networks and other sites to create rumours, interest and curiosity among users.

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