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The majority of Internet users regularly monitor their Inbox and for this reason emails are the ideal medium for promotional one-to-one messages that cater directly to a well-defined target. "Permission based" emails, i.e. those based on the express consent of the user, have enormous potential to establish initial contact between company and user or to foster loyalty thanks to existing relationships.
In the first case, Direct Email Marketing (DEM) is a powerful tool, since it is designed to involve and encourage the action of users. In the second case, the Newsletter, with its periodic targeted mailings, lends itself to consolidating an already established relationship.
Layoutweb analyses the results of each email marketing action to plan fresh communication strategies.

Pay per click, pay per lead, pay per sale

Promotional activities in the form of a Pay per Click campaign are grist for the mill at Layoutweb. We create Google and Yahoo campaigns with text ads triggered by user searches and based on keywords for the product/customer service.
If Pay per Click is no longer enough and you would like the cost of your campaign to be based on performance, then activating a CPL (Cost per Lead) Campaign could prove a good move.
Unlike CPC, CPL campaigns only require you to pay if a lead is generated, i.e. a user is converted, be it via sending a message, registering, entering a contest, etc..
Lastly, a Pay per Sale Campaign involves payment only if a Dem or Display Campaign actually generates a sale.

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