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"ci gusta!" is a franchising brand that offers the best of Italian gelato and more: yogurt, spoon desserts, Soft Gelato and also tasty savoury soups. The quality of the products combines with the possibility of enjoying them in a familiar and friendly environment, designed with the most modern consumption trends in mind. "ci gusta!" wants to be "The Italian food experience."

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The project:
The "ci gusta!" website was born with the objective of presenting the brand and the entire range of its products, as well as offering a technical and qualified service to all those wishing to enter the HO.RE.CA sector. Starting from the "ci gusta!" concept, which combines the sweets temptations of yogurt and the best Italian Gelato products with good company, the Layoutweb web designers used minimal but high-impact graphics,  which were recently "restylized" for an ever fresher and more "food-centred" approach. A blog gets a special space of its own, to provide a meeting place for all those who are part of "ci gusta!" world.
Following the activation of the website, a series of web marketing activities were started, including PayPerClick campaigns, to increase website traffic, press releases to specialized websites, portals and forums, to give visibility to the brand, and interventions in blogs and forums, to stimulate online conversations. The third element is the presence of content on the main social networks, especially on Facebook. 
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